Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Tachmed has established trans-Atlantic operations led by a visionary and entrepreneurial senior management team who are inspired to transform primary health and enable universal access to fast, cost effective and non-invasive primary health testing.

They are immersed in the search for and development of the latest frontline diagnostic health technologies, working with blue chip partners to pave the way for tomorrow’s solutions to todays’ health-related problems.

Lord Maxwell Beaverbrook
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Paul Christie
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Kessler
Chief Operating Officer

Lee Atkins
Chief Financial Officer

Glen Tyrrell
Senior Product Manager

Matt Pounder
Product Manager

Lisa Mehany
Digital Product Manager

Marcus Teague
Quality Manager

Stephanie Hajilambi
Project Manager

Chris Groves
General Counsel

Professor Chris Molloy
Chief Scientific Advisor

Professor Paul Townsend
Scientific Advisor

Jim Purdie
Non-Executive Director

Gary Robinson
Advisory Board Member