Everyone in the healthcare space has a responsibility to understand a community’s needs and provide tailored solutions, especially in the light of widespread pharmacy closures – a key pillar of community health.

Self-testing is paving the way for pharmacies to improve community health and reduce the pressure on GPs.

Paul Christie, CEO of Tachmed, offered his expertise and insights to Healthcare IT Today. Find out more on Healthcare IT Today’s website via this link:


Tachmed was recently featured in TechRound’s roundup of the best uses of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

“The Tachmed digital diagnostics device uses graphene biosensors to test for various different conditions, including COVID-19 and flu. The tool has been designed to act as the main point where information about a person’s health is collated…”

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At Tachmed, our mission is to make healthcare accessible to all.

Paul Christie, CEO of Tachmed, commented on the state of telehealth in Africa and discussed how the government can help, including educating the population about the benefits of regularly testing their health.

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From diagnosis to treatment, AI is revolutionising the way medical professionals approach patient care.

Techround sought to understand the impact of AI on healthcare, speaking to thought leaders in the industry, including Paul Christie, CEO of Tachmed.

Paul discussed the importance of trust and how Tachmed’s device uses AI technology. To find out more of Paul’s thoughts, click on the link below:


Health inequity worldwide remains a major problem – with huge disparities in access and outcomes between (and within) countries and regions, such as in life expectancy.

In response, Tachmed’s CEO, Paul Christie, pointed to the benefits of a more joined-up approach in health and welfare spending to combat threats to global health.

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The global spread of COVID-19 in 2020 highlighted the importance of accurate health data, rapid vaccination, and routine testing to help control and stop the spread of disease.

It was a great unknown and since then it has pushed the conversation further on how digital diagnostics technology could impact these areas, as well as its potential for changing how healthcare is delivered around the world.

Paul Christie, CEO of Tachmed, is leading the way in these conversations. Visit the link below to read his feature in Med Tech Innovation News discussing more:


When a natural disaster tragically occurs, there can be the risk of a rapid spread of diseases among the population left displaced.

Mobile technology can help here – key to providing a real-time overview of the public health risks and helping governments, medical teams or aid organisations to react to these situations effectively.

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With the struggling NHS making headlines on a daily basis, it’s difficult to know when the problems may end.

From strikes and calls for higher wages from doctors, nurses and ambulance staff, to shortages and long queues outside A&E departments, it’s clear that something needs to change.

Bold thinking is needed to help healthcare providers out of crisis. To discover Tachmed’s solution, visit Health Tech World at the article link below: